Doulas are an option for you during labor and delivery. They act as a birth helper and can provide you and your partner physical and emotional support. Here you'll learn more about doulas, how much they cost, what they do, and if hiring one is the right choice for you.

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She Hired a Postpartum Doula—Now She's Defending Why New Moms Need Them
The backlash that TikToker Brittany Bright received after sharing a post about her overnight doula highlights age-old stereotypes about Black motherhood and suffering.
This Is What Working With a Virtual Doula Really Looks Like
From prenatal Zoom sessions to FaceTiming from the delivery room, the pandemic has changed how doulas work. But by keeping communication the focus, new parents can get the guidance they need no matter the mediums required.
Do You Need A Doula?
Doulas can help you achieve an easier, more peaceful birth. Here's how to determine if you need one.
Do Black Women Need Doulas More Than Anyone?
'We need to speak the uncomfortable truth that women—and especially Black women—are too often not listened to or taken seriously by the health care system, and therefore they are denied the dignity that they deserve,' said California senator and Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. This may explain the rising popularity of doulas in the Black community.
10 Things a Doula Wishes You Knew About Labor
Preparing for labor and birth can be scary, but there are some tips and tricks that doulas have to help make the birth experience a little easier for mom and Baby.
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A doula can help support your partner during your birth and make your baby's arrival a beautiful, memorable experience for the whole family.
Should You Hire a Postpartum Doula?
A postpartum doula explains how she helps new parents navigate their transition into parenthood so you can decide if hiring one could be right for you. Learn about postpartum doula services, training, and how to find one in your area.