Make your little one's big day a big hit with these festive cake and party treat recipes.

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How to Make a Pixel Cake
To make this cute pixel cake, cut licorice into scant pieces and arrange using a cross-stitch pattern on a square, frosted cake (store-bought works!). Get the pattern template at
How to Make a Candy Cake
To make this mosaic-inspired candy cake, arrange assorted monochromatic candy over the top and sides of a round, frosted cake (store-bought works!), and add a candy number on top.
How to Make a Galaxy Cake
To make this fun galaxy cake, cover a chocolate-frosted cake (store-bought works!) with chocolate cookie crumbs, top with fondant starburst shapes and candies, and sprinkle with silver sanding sugar.
How to Make a Pretzel Cake
To make this pretty pretzel cake, shingle mini pretzel twists in alternating colors around a round, frosted cake (store-bought works!), and top with larger pretzels.

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Modern Art Cake
Now is the time to bring the traditional birthday cake into modern times with this Jackson Pollock-inspired treat. The crazier, the better, so let your little artist go to town.