Now that's a gender reveal.
Woman Holding Newborn In Hospital After Labor
Credit: Natalia Deriabina/Shutterstock

Birth photographers capture some of life's most candid and emotional moments, and a birth photo that recently went viral has to be one of the most candid of all time. The photo shows a mother's face when she finds out the baby she was told was going to be a girl was actually a boy. Surprise!

Mom of three Nancy Ray shared the details of her pregnancy on Instagram. She talked about all of the ups and downs, including coming to terms with having what she was told would be her and her husband's third girl.

"April 14: Surprise! I’m pregnant!" Ray wrote. "June 9: You’re having your third girl! We were gender surprised with our first two babies but my husband insisted to know if he was having three girls so he could mentally prepare."

The days leading up to Ray's due date were, well, surprising. "December 8: Snow and ice storm shuts down Raleigh. I am positive I’ll give birth without electricity at home. Thankfully that did not happen," she wrote. As if the storm wasn't stressful enough, Ray then came down with a stomach bug, and her husband got the flu. But then, just a day later, she got the biggest surprise of them all.

"December 13: I drive to the birth center with intense contractions with my mom... Two hours later, my baby was born with me halfway in the tub! 15 minutes later, we went to cut the chord and I said... “WHAT IS THAT?!? Is this a boy baby!!? Indeed, it was a boy!” Ray wrote. “My husband @willrray quickly lifted his leg to check and then proceeded to literally fall on the floor.”

The heartwarming photo in Ray's post, captured by photographer Lauren Jolly, shows the very moment Ray and her husband found out they had a baby boy. (You can even see her husband taking a peak to confirm the news was true.)

“I will forever advocate for birth photography because this is one of my very favorite photos of all time,” Ray wrote.