Pregnant Kim Kardashian Swollen Feet

In true reality star fashion, pregnant Kim Kardashian—who is expecting her first child with rapper Kanye West this summer—has been very open about her pregnancy, and that it's not been as easy as she had hoped.

Having a baby is not all butterflies and rainbows. It involves a lot of pain, people! Headaches. Backaches. Breast sensitivity. Nausea. Heartburn. Constipation. The list goes on! But as a shoe-aholic myself, I could really relate when Kim posted a photo of her indented feet on Instagram with the caption: "Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?"

Swollen feet are one of those pregnancy side effects you hear about, but you never really know how traumatic it is until it happens to you. You have throbbing pain thanks to the extra pregnancy weight, which causes your center of gravity to be all out of whack, adds extra pressure to your knees and feet, and takes a toll on your posture.

Pregnant Swollen Feet Shoes

It's nine months after I gave birth to my son and I still can't fit into many of my favorite shoes. Here is a graveyard of just some of the lovelies I can no longer wear. RIP, pumps, peep toes, and slingbacks. On the bright side, one of the things you can look forward to treating yourself to as a new mom is a new shoe wardrobe. And trust me, new shoes are the cure for sleep deprivation! They will make you smile every time.

Image of Kim Kardashian courtesy of Shutterstock.