This mom of two boys has the most touching reaction when she learns her third baby is a girl.

Mom-to-be Egreis Gjergjani and her husband Jeremy have two sons, ages 3 and 1. But now the expectant couple is going viral after Egreis posted a video of their gender reveal to Instagram. Why? Because in it, the excited mama freaks out when she learns via a piece of cake with pink icing inside that she's finally having a girl. In fact, she's so floored that she drops both the cake AND her son, who she'd been holding in her arm.


Best. Reaction. EVER! Especially because, as Egreis told The Huffington Post, she and Jeremy weren't planning on having any more kids, and this third pregnancy came as a total surprise.

"Since I've had two boys so far, I genuinely did not think I would have a girl," she explained. "I even started a children's couture line, Itty Bitty Toes, that specializes in handmade dresses for little girls. It was my way of experiencing what having a little girl would be like."

Now her own daughter will be the one who gets to wear the designs—pretty amazing! But while the Internet is busy loving Egreis' epic reaction to the news that's she's having a baby girl, it's her son George's response the proud mama is most taken with.

"I laugh when I see George's face the entire time," she said. "He's just so confused, wondering what is wrong with the cake!"

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