A Southern California couple chose a thrilling way to find out their baby's sex, with dad-to-be skydiving with a colored smoke grenade.

Sean and Kristen McDow are having their first baby, and the couple came up with a pretty epic plan to announce the gender: Why not skydive from a plane during their reveal party, then release a colored smoke grenade—pink or blue, natch—in order to let all their friends and family on the ground know whether they were having a boy or a girl?

So cool! And get this: Neither Sean nor Kristen knew what they were having, either!

"My mom found out the gender," Sean explains in a video taken just prior to his big jump. "She's the only one who knows right now. And she's the only one who's gonna know until we both find out after the jump."

That doens't mean the couple didn't have their suspicions, however—though it appears they were divided. While Kristen was convinced they were having a boy, Sean was pretty sure it was gonna be girl. And so, after a final kiss goodbye and a last-minute pit stop to bend down and tie his shoe, Sean climbs into the plane to take the big leap—both literally and metaphorically.

With a beautiful blue sky as the backdrop and the excitement building as the fired-up partygoers look on from below, the courageous dad-to-be makes the tadem jump out of the plane. First, the parachute goes up, and then finally, an airborne Sean pulls the pin out of the grenade to unveil a beautiful burst of blue smoke—the McDows are having a BOY!

As soon as her husband hits the ground, Kristen runs and jumps into his arms, while the duo's elated friends and family cover them in blue silly string. Then someone hands Sean an ultrasound pic with an arrow pointing to the baby's genital region, which Sean enthusiastically holds right up to the camera.

"That is DEFINITELY a little boy," he says proudly into the camera.

"When I looked back and saw the blue smoke coming out I was so pumped," he later added. "Probably one of the most fun things I have ever done. Not just skydiving—we've done that before. But the way that we did this reveal was SO exciting."

Kristen agrees. "We had so much fun planning and had so much fun excuting it," she says, "'We' I mean 'him'. I had to stay on the ground because I'm pregnant."

Good call, Mama. Check out the extended version of the stunt on the couple's YouTube channel here.

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