The Tennessee parents-to-be grabbed some flannels and a chainsaw to find out if they're expecting a lumberjack or lumberjane.
Lumberjack Gender Reveal
Credit: Trevor Hager/YouTube

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to see it, how will they know if it's going to be a boy or a girl?

Luckily, Tennessee couple Trevor and Tayler Hager will never have to figure out how to answer that question. Instead, the duo hit up their local woods dressed in matching flannels and took matters into their own hands—quite literally, with a chainsaw—in order to find out the sex of their on-the-way babe.

"Sometimes in life you have to go to nature to find out the answers to questions you really wanna know," Trevor explains in the opening of couple's resulting gender reveal video. "Like for instance, is my little tyke gonna be a lumberjack...or a lumberjane? Let's ask this tree and find out."

Too cute! But let's rewind for a second to figure out how we got here.

According to Inside Edition, after the Hagers received their ultrasound, they contacted a close friend who happens to be a lumberjack and found the perfect dead tree to saw down on his property. But first, they hollowed it out, filled a capsule made from PVC pipe with paint, and then placed it inside.

Cut to Trevor on video, excitedly wielding his trusty chainsaw.

"It was a little bit intimidating to cut a tree that was dead," he admitted to Inside Edition. "I was so focused in making it not blow out or fall on me."

Looks like his concentration paid off—because eventually, the tree starts bleeding blue.

"Well it looks like nature has spoken and we'll be having a lumberjack," the proud papa-to-be announces.

Aww, congrats, guys! May we suggest the name...Timber?

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