A New Jersey family breaks a 156-year-long 'boy curse' with a new baby girl.
chris ziobro and kids
Credit: Christine Charles Ziobro/Facebook

Christine and Chris Ziobro named their daughter Eve for a very special reason. "She's the first girl in the Bible," the New Jersey mom told People magazine. Their Eve is also the first girl in the Ziobro family in 156 years!

That's right—the last girl to be born in the family was in 1860. Then, for the next four generations, only sons were born. Dad Chris has three brothers, and they all have sons. So you can imagine how excited the Ziobros were when they learned Christine was pregnant with a girl, after having two sons already.

It was at a routine ultrasound when she was about 16 weeks pregnant that Christine learned she was carrying a girl. According to her, when she told Chris, he said, "Oh my God, what are we going to do?" Meanwhile, her mother-in-law congratulated her on breaking the curse!

There was a time when Christine didn't think she was capable of welcoming a daughter. She says, "After five male grandchildren were born, my father-in-law sent me an article about another family with all boys, and at that point I realized, 'Oh my God, we are never going to have a girl.'" Or, maybe it was just about time!

Well, now that Eve is here, predictably the family is spoiling her rotten with attention—and frilly bows and headbands. As it should be!

What I relate to most about this family is that after having three daughters myself, I can't imagine what I would do if we ever had a boy! I would feel like a new mom all over again. I mean, girls: I got this. Boys: I'm 100 percent clueless.

I'm sure that's how my mother-in-law, who has three sons, felt when I announced our first child would be a girl, then that the next would also be a girl, and then, that we'd be welcoming a third girl!

But it can't be that different to parent boys versus girls...right?

Good luck to the Ziobro family with their newest addition!

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