These parents' yummy plan to reveal the gender of baby #3 to their daughters with cupcakes totally doesn't work out.
Parents' cupcake gender reveal fails when this little girl really doesn't want a baby brother.
Credit: YouTube

When Heidi Guerard and her husband Shaun found out their third baby was going to be a boy, the couple decided to share the news with their two daughters Giuliana and Grace using cupcakes for a gender reveal, then upload the resulting video to YouTube.

Because who doesn't love cupcakes?

"Mommy and Daddy found out what the baby is today," says an off-camera voice. We're gonna take a stab in the dark here and say it's Mom.

"So you guys can break them open and see what's inside," she continues. "If it's blue inside, you're gonna have a baby brother. And if it's pink inside, you're gonna have a baby sister."


But it turns out younger daughter Grace is totally not down with the plan. "I don't wanna break mine open," she says, as her big sis Giuliana starts excitedly removing her wrapper and cracking open the cake.

"Blue!" she yells. "It's a boy!"

Woo-hoo! But Grace is still all, "I really don't wanna open mine!"

Eventually, she starts licking some of the white frosting off the top, as Mom asks, "Grace, are you excited it's a boy?"

"I'm not," she says. "I'm excited for a girl."

"But it's not a girl," mom explains. "It'a boy. It's gonna be a little brother."

"Oh, NO!" Grace wails. "I wanted PINK! No FAIR!"

Too cute! And while the video was originally posted to YouTube about a year ago—which means the little guy is now probably around six months old—it started going viral again this week.

Fingers crossed that Grace has finally gotten over her disappointment.

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