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We Are Family, the new podcast from Parents, shines a light on the beautiful diversity of today’s families.

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Aasif Mandvi on New Parenthood in His 50s: 'I Didn't Know That I Wanted To Be a Dad Until I Had a Baby'
Actor, comedian, and The Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi talks about the impact of being raised away from his parents, and how he believes being an older dad has benefitted his relationship with his son.
'Doc McStuffins' Creator Chris Nee Explains Her Work: 'I'm Writing About Communities, and What It Is To Be Accepted When You Are Not the Same'
Chris Nee talks about rewriting the narrative on family, motherhood, and finding places to fit in on the We Are Family podcast.
The 4 Things Lance Bass Swears by as a New Dad of Twins
Plus, the very first song the NSYNC superstar played for his babies. (Hint: It's not "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.")
Ty James on Meeting Dad Rick James When She Was 13: 'He Taught Me What To Do, but He Also Taught Me What Not To Do'
Producer and entrepreneur Ty James opens up on the We Are Family podcast about meeting her rock star dad as a teen and how his over-the-top lifestyle helped teach her balance. 
From Helicopter to Free Range—6 Celebrities Reveal Their True 'Parent Personalities'
What kind of parent are you really? Queer Eye's Tan France, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, The Hills star Whitney Port, and more celebrities open up about how they are with their kids on Parents's podcast We Are Family.
Comedian Samantha Bee Stole Cars Before She Turned 16: 'I Learned Pretty Quickly That Was Not the Life For Me'
The host of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee dishes on raising tweens and teens, married life, and her rebellious teen years on Parents's podcast We Are Family.

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Misty Copeland's Ballet Teacher Knew She Was a Prodigy After One Free Class at Age 13
As one of six kids, Misty Copeland grew up underprivileged, but it was a free ballet class—and the generous ballet teacher who spotted her talent and took her in—that completely shifted her future.
Rosario Dawson On When She Knew She'd Adopt a Child: 'That Moment Happened When I Was 5'
Actor, producer, and activist Rosario Dawson opens up on Parents' We Are Family podcast about why she always planned to adopt an older child.
We Are Family Podcast Season 2, Episode 5 with Ben Feldman: You Don't Have to Love Babies to be a Great Dad

Superstore star Ben Feldman shares stories of awkward teenage conversations, how he met his wife via email, and keeps it real about fatherhood.