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Pregnancy Confidential is a week-by-week podcast hosted by editors from Parents and Fit Pregnancy and Baby. Each episode walks listeners through the physical, emotional and all-round quirks of each week of pregnancy. This is real-talk, girlfriend-to-girlfriend stuff—no hard-to-understand medical information here. This podcast will be your best friend, taking you through the real feelings—the joy and the annoyances—of pregnancy so you never have to experience any of it alone. And it'll have you chuckling all along the way.

Pregnancy Confidential Podcast Hosts

Parents and 

Fit Pregnancy and Baby editors who all share (and sometimes

overshare) their own pregnancy and new-parent stories and experiences.

Each episode includes:

  • My Baby is How Big?!? - A wry examination of what your baby's size is comparable to this week. (Kumquat, anyone?)
  • On My Mind - A spirited and informative discussion about what's likely filling your thoughts during this stage of pregnancy. Nothing is off limits!
  • Don't Sweat It! - There's so much to worry about during pregnancy, but this segment focuses on something you can stop worrying about. (You're welcome!)

All episodes available for download now—start listening based on your week of pregnancy.

(But feel free to skip ahead, catch up on previous weeks, or binge listen—we won't judge!)

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