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I'm a Mom and a Fashion Designer: Here Are 5 Ways to Help Kids Get Creative at Home
Are you maxed out of art projects ideas for your kids, and feeling overwhelmed with the need to keep things exciting? There are simple and inexpensive ways to think outside the box that will spark creativity and laughter at home.
I'm a Mom and a CBS Anchor: Here's How I'm Talking to My Kid About the News
When my son was almost 2, I noticed how much he was starting to pick up from the news. I knew I wanted to teach him about what was happening in the world without scaring him. As a CBS news anchor, here's what I think is effective.
I'm a Mom and a Nutritionist: Here Are 6 Ways I Simplify Meals for My Family
I used to make lavish and creative dinners for my family. But that all changed during the coronavirus pandemic. As a nutritionist, here are my healthy tips for making mealtimes easier.
I'm a Mom and a Professional Organizer: Here's How I Get My Kids to Keep Their Stuff in Order
Whether it's through laundry games or clever ways to make a bed, there are fun ways to get kids to organize and maintain their own space from an early age. This also builds confidence, empowerment, and a happy home life for everyone.
I'm a Mom and an Expert on Play: Here Are 6 Activities You Didn't Know Were So Good for Your Kids
Raising kind, driven, and independent children may be easier than you think. Here are some often overlooked activities that nurture the cognitive, social, and emotional skills needed for children to succeed.
I'm a Dad and a Dentist: Here Are 8 Ways I Protect My Kid's Teeth
My 8-year-old doesn't have cavities or crooked teeth and that's not by chance. Here's my oral health guide for parents with kids of all ages.

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I'm a Mom and a Pediatric Neuropsychologist: These Are My Go-To Learning Toys That Aid Child Development
When it comes to toys, I always say less is more. Here's all you need to foster language, creativity, problem-solving, and organizational skills through play.
I’m a Mom and a Pediatric Emergency Physician: This Is What Life in the ER Really Looks Like for Kids
As a doctor, I was as ready as I could be to battle COVID-19 on the frontline. But the physical toll I’ve seen my patients endure from coronavirus is nothing compared to how they’ve suffered mentally.
I'm a Mom and a School Nurse: Here's How To Know When To Keep Your Kid Home Sick From School

A mom and an elementary school nurse discusses the challenges parents face navigating a pandemic school year, along with the way schools operate to keep students safe.