Should you place a bet on one of these baby girl names—or will Meghan and Harry go in a different direction altogether for their new daughter?

As the due date approaches for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter, the betting odds are picking up steam—and the current royal baby name frontrunner is Philippa, in honor of Harry's grandfather, Prince Philip, who recently passed away. British bookmakers are giving 3/1 odds on that name. Also in the mix?

You'll find Diana (5/1 odds, after Harry's mom) and Elizabeth (10/1 odds, after his grandmother), along with Allegra, Alexandria, Grace, Emma, Rose, Alice, and Victoria.

But after their son was given the charming nickname name Archie—which wasn't even on the bookies' radar—only Diana seems like a potentially safe bet (especially when you factor in Harry's recent interviews with Oprah and Dax Shepard, talking about how awful growing up royal really was). It seems a bit of a stretch to imagine they'd go with something so clearly connected to the family they're not entirely in sync with at the moment.

I'd look instead at names that potentially match Archie in tone. Perhaps something like Eleanor, which has a royal pedigree from the trailblazing Eleanor of Acquitaine and a fun shortened version, Ellie. They might skip the full formal name and go with a nickname name based on one of their royal predecessors—think Eliza, Maggie (which would also bring her close to mom Meghan's name), Bella, Willa, Pippa, or Maisie. Jane and Anne are both royal picks with a long line of wearers—including Harry's aunt and several royal rebels.

An image of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Credit: Getty Images.

Archie also indicates a love for old-fashioned names. Harry and Meghan could simply go with a timeless name like Helena, Theodora (Meghan's mom Doria sports a cousin name), Louisa, and Josephine—all of which come with fun nickname options to consider. Or they might consider some of those more fusty options that have suddenly started becoming fresh baby name picks—names like Florence, Beatrice, Cordelia, Clementine, or Matilda (all of which are on the rise here in the U.S.).

The smart bet for Harry and Meghan's daughter's name? It sure seems like Diana—but don't rule out anything at this point!