If you're giving birth during the pandemic, you probably won't want to name your child "Corona," but there are plenty of coronavirus-inspired baby name ideas to consider that can still honor the time they were born.

The pandemic has been life changing in so many ways, and that likely includes baby names as well. While we won't get an official look at what's shifted until the Social Security Administration sends out its data on baby names next year, based on trends on baby name sites, we're seeing less of an emphasis on pop culture baby names (i.e. no more Khaleesi or Anakin), and a return to baby names with meaning, including choosing names that honor family members.

If you're pregnant while we are all social-distancing, it probably goes without saying that baby names that seem similar to COVID or coronavirus (i.e. Cove, Corvid, Corona) may not be the route you want to go. But that doesn't mean the coronavirus pandemic can't influence your pick. With more people focusing on health and healing during these trying times, these are the coronavirus-inspired baby names we can see getting a popularity boost.

An image of a a mask holding a stack of notebooks that is filled with baby names.
Credit: Juan Moyano/ Stocksy. Art: Jillian Sellers.

Luke: Luke is the patron saint of doctors, making this a lovely choice to honor the healthcare workers who have been on the front lines of the battle against coronavirus. (And hey, it's still a pop culture name, if you're a Star Wars fan!)

Agatha: An old-fashioned name that may be ready for a comeback, Agatha means "good woman"—and with Saint Agatha serving the patron saint of nurses, this could be another option to honor a front-line worker. If Agatha still feels a little stodgy, try a variation, like Agata or Agate.

Hale: If you love word names, consider this one—which means healthy and strong.

Kenzo: This Japanese name means strong and healthy—and is a nice, more modern way to get to the "Ken" nickname to honor a Kenneth in your life.

Salvia: The Latin word for "sage," Salvia means whole and healthy.

Anthony: A timeless name that's never fallen out of favor (it's currently still in the top 40), Anthony could see a bump in honor of Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leader of the coronavirus pandemic response in the U.S.

Brigid: The Irish goddess associated with healing brings us this charming name—and it's also associated with the goddess of fire and the patron saint of scholars.

Apollo: This Greek and Roman god was associated with medicine and healing—and this name has had a bit of a resurgence in recent years.

Jason: An ubiquitous name throughout the 1970s, Jason literally means "to heal."

Alisha: A name of Sanskrit and Spanish origin, Alish means protected by God.

Salma: This pretty Arabic name means safe and protected—the perfect wish to bestow on a child during these turbulent times.

Asher: Popular for both boys and girls, Asher means "blessed and happy one."

Isidore: Isis is the Egyptian goddess of healing—though the name is certainly problematic now, given the terrorist group. Consider Isidore or its feminine version, Isidora, which mean "gift of Isis."

Ethan: A top 10 favorite, Ethan has a strong meaning—literally. (It means strength.)

Hope: We all need a little more hope in our lives right now, so this is the perfect, positive name for a daughter coming into our lives in the midst of this pandemic. (Faith and Charity may be other options if Hope doesn't suit you.)