Fetal Development

From a tiny cluster of cells to a bouncing baby - fetal development is an amazing process. Here you'll see pictures of how a fetus develops each week, and each trimester. Plus what's happening to your baby throughout the fetal development process.

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Quickening in Pregnancy: Feeling the First Fetal Kicks
Many moms-to-be wonder when they’ll feel fetal movements for the first time. Here’s your guide to understanding “quickening” during pregnancy.
Study Shows Language Development Starts in the Womb
New research reveals that babies in the womb can already distinguish between different languages.
An Embryo Forms: Weeks 4 to 8 of Pregnancy
Chances are you have no idea you're pregnant yet-€”but your body is already hard at work. Watch as the egg undergoes its wondrous transformation to embryo.
Developing Senses: Weeks 22 to 25 of Pregnancy
Your baby's ability to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel are developing stronger each day. Learn which of her senses are already working.
Sleep Cycles: Weeks 26 to 30 of Pregnancy
At this point, your baby is awake and asleep at very specific times of the day. Find out about his sleep patterns, and what they mean.
Second Trimester Begins: Weeks 13 to 17 of Pregnancy
Here's to hoping you're no longer feeling nauseated or exhausted! Right now your baby's brain and eyes are making dramatic strides each day. Learn all about it.

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This NFL Star and His Wife Had a Prenatal Testing Scare—Now They're Talking About It
Pro football star Torrey Smith, whose wife is pregnant with baby #2, wrote an honest blog post about their anxiety-inducing prenatal test results.
Counting Fetal Movements
Check for fetal movements twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening (when baby tends to be more active)—using these tips.
Twins: A Closer Look at Your Developing Babies

Parents.com partnered with the American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine (AIUM) to create this unique peak into a baby's development inside the womb. These images reveal all the intricate details of a baby's growth -- from a collection of cells to a full-term newborn. While most women may only receive one or two ultrasounds during pregnancy, which is normal, this slideshow of the 3rd trimester of pregnancy gives you a look at each week of development.