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Parents Hire Bigfoot for Child's Birthday Party—and the Kids Were Terrified
One mom decided to invite Bigfoot to her daughter's sixth birthday party and a hilarious video shows just how scared the young guests were.
Parents Share the Most Embarrassing Thing Their Kid Said Out Loud in Public
Get a kick out of the hilarious—not to mention super embarrassing—scenarios these kiddos have put their parent in.
Viral Photo Series Shows Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons
The Facebook page Thunder Dungeon shared a series of images under the caption, "Reasons why my tiny human is crying."
Twitter's Descriptions of Kids in 4 Words Are as Accurate as They Are Adorable
#KidsIn4Words is trending on Twitter, with users all over the globe sharing their concisest summations of L.O.s. 
This Parent's Explanation to a Child About Non-Binary Gender Is Goals
Artist Jay Jackson tweeted about their colleague's conversation with a child about how some people don't identify as a boy or a girl.  

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Mom Posted a 'Wanted' Ad to Borrow an Orange Cat for Her 'Garfield'-Loving Kids
A mom from Oklahoma took to social media to ask her community to lend her an orange cat to hang out with her kids who are big fans of the beloved comic character.
You Can Call Mickey Mouse to Help Get Kids Get to Bed
Disney's hotline that offers kids a special bedtime message is back!
Mom Shares Terrifying Story of a Phony CPS Caseworker Attempting to Take Her Son

A mom from New York named Ashley Bradley took to Facebook to share the scary details of a woman posing as a CPS worker and attempting to take her son.