Injuries & Accidents

Keep your toddler safe from injuries and accidents with our be-safe guide on everything from bug bites to broken bones to emergency situations. Find out what requires medical care and ways to remain calm when your child is hurt.

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Mom Says 'Life Can Change in an Instant' After Daughter, 3, Loses Foot in Lawn Mower Accident
"As devastated as I am by what happened to her, it was this weird mix of being very, very grateful that it wasn’t worse," Sarah Reardon said of her daughter Abigail.
Alabama Mom Who Mourned 4-Year-Old Daughter's Death on Instagram Admits Smothering Her with Pillow
Stephanie Diane Smith has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.
Urgent Care vs. ER: Where to Go for 8 Common Kid Health Emergencies
Doctors break down the differences between the care your kid will receive in your hospital's ER vs. your local urgent care clinic, and they take the guesswork out of knowing where to go in an emergency.
5-Year-Old Boy Who Was Thrown Off Mall of America Balcony Is 'Continuing to Fight' for His Life
"He is the sweetest kindest 5-year-old you will ever meet. He instantly brings a smile to everybody he meets," a family friend described the child.

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4-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Impaled by Glass from Fallen Picture Frame While Playing at Home
Adrian Ortega, 4, died at a hospital on Wednesday after a picture frame fell from the wall in his family's home and he was impaled by a shard of glass.
Toddler Who Fell Into Rhino Cage at Florida Zoo Suffered Lacerated Liver, Bruised Lung & Contusions
The girl  — whose name is being kept private — was repeatedly rammed by two female rhinos after falling into the rhino cage at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne.
Terrifying Video Raises Important Point About Pool Safety

When it comes to keeping your kids safe in the pool, you can't possibly be too careful—and a video that's surfaced makes that point loud and clear.