Teens come with a whole new set of parenting concerns. Here's everything you need to know about first dates, first jobs, mood swings, body image, and so much more. Plus: How to protect your teen from violence.

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Redditor Looks for Suggestions for a 'No Questions Asked' Drawer
A Redditor asked for ideas on supplies a teen might need, but would not want to ask an adult for. But one expert says regular, judgment-free discussions may be more beneficial.
All of the Best Cyber Week Deals for Teens to Shop Now—Up to 70% Off 
Enjoy major markdowns on gifts for the teens in your life from Amazon, Target, and more.
What Not to Say to Tweens or Teens During a Holiday Dinner
This holiday season, many tweens and teens are seeing friends and family for the first time in nearly two years and most likely, these kid have gone through significant physical changes in the intervening time. How do we help the well-meaning adults in their lives avoid saying things that are embarrassing, hurtful, or worse?
Help! My Tween is Addicted to Buying Junk
With that first taste of independence—and a little bit of cash in their pockets—comes a whole lot of wasteful impulse buying. Here, experts advise on how to approach tween and teen spending.
Hilarious Mom Offers TikTok Challenge To Kids When It Gets Cold Outside
A TikTok mom found a funny way to call out kids who, for whatever reason, refuse to wear their winter coat.
Could Your Child Earn Money Playing Video Games—and Should You Let Them? 
Cryptocurrency and the NFT craze have taken earning money via video games to a whole new level. So how do these games work, and how, as a parent, should you navigate this with your kids?

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