Lambert's partner Dr. Wyatt Hermansen proposed to Lambert after three and a half years of dating. "I've dreamt of this moment my whole life!" wrote Lambert.
Wyatt Hermansen and Mary Lambert
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She keeps her warm!

On Tuesday, Mary Lambert revealed that she got engaged to her partner Dr. Wyatt Hermansen — and that they proposed during both of their performance in Arkansas.

"I've dreamt of this moment my whole life. We're gonna get married in front of God and everybody!!!!!" Lambert, 32, captioned her post. "I love you, Wyatt Paige Hermansen!!!"

Lambert included a video of the proposal on her Instagram, where, as Hermansen gets on one knee, she asks her partner "Oh my God! Are you serious?" The two then hug before Lambert kisses them and asks, "We're going to get married?"

Lambert and Hermansen were actually performing together — Lambert on the piano and Hermansen on the guitar — when they decided to get on one knee to ask Lambert to marry them.

"Three and a half years ago, I met the handsomest, funniest, most brilliant, kind, and warm person in the entire universe. I had about 5 glasses of champagne, we split a giant pretzel 🥨, laughed a ton, and shared our bipolar diagnoses with each other," Lambert wrote, before adding that their first date was the "next gigantic, powerful and pivotal moment of my life" since her hit song "Same Love."

Lambert added, "And now, this divine moment— so perfectly captured— feels meteoric. Watching my love get down on one knee felt like the deepest act of choosing. What an incredible honor to love Wyatt, to be their fiancé, [sic] to build a family and a home and a life and maybe several more dogs (????)."

Lambert described the performance (and special proposal) as "THE BEST EVENT IN HISTORY EVER."

"I can't stop happy crying. My life is so full," she wrote. "What a gift, what joy, what blessing, what kindness, what hope, what love."

Hermansen wrote that proposing in Fayetteville, Arkansas was important for her, since the place holds a "very special place" in their heart.

"Asking this perfect woman to marry me while the sweet notes of her voice still lingered in the room," they wrote, before adding, "And there's no way to say it without sounding melodramatic — it's a beautiful thing to be surrounded by all sorts of love, for support that shows up in all kinds of different ways and in ways you least expect, and to accept all the love you can while you can. We were built to hold it."

In a second post, Hermansen added, "I still cannot believe she's going to be my wife. I am walking on air! The whole world feels brighter. ❤️💍"

In an Instagram video on Wednesday, Lambert joked about "being very low-key about our engagement" in public places as she showed off her ring.

Hermansen's proposal occurred during a mental health, queer identities and radical self-love event at the University of Arkansas, where the two hosted a "live conversation" and performed.

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