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Should Kids Be Weighed in Gym Class?
Weighing kids at school is a long-standing practice in an effort to prevent obesity. But it could harm children when not done properly.
Why Weight Loss Surgery for Kids Might Be a Bad Idea
A new policy statement says weight loss surgery like gastric bypass should be available to kids and teens who need it. Here's what experts are saying.
3 Reasons Eating at Home Is More Nutritional for Kids
Eating together as a family is incredibly beneficial for kids—but where you eat matters too. Here's why, plus tips for making meals at home easier to pull off.
Why You Should Stop Throwing Away Your Kid’s Halloween Candy
Disappearing their candy won't teach your kids anything—except not to trust mom and dad. Here's what to do with their Halloween haul instead.
Is a Vegan Diet Safe for Teens and Tweens?
Going fully plant-based is trendy on social media and among celebs. But is a vegan diet really healthy for growing kids?
How Bad Is Red Meat for Your Kids, Really?
Controversial new research says red and processed meats aren't so unhealthy after all. Here's what you should know when it comes to feeding your family.

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Everyone is talking about air fryers. Does do they live up to the hype? We took one for a test spin to find out.
Are Meat Alternatives Healthy for Kids?
Plant-based burgers, sausage, and nuggets are trendy and seem like a smart choice, but are they good for your family? Here's what to know about all the flavorful faux-meat newcomers out there.
Unusual Eating Behaviors May Be Early Sign of Autism

While most picky eating is perfectly normal, some behaviors may be red flags for autism, says a new study. Here's what you need to know.