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Keep your kids safe with these great tips for childproofing your home, preparing your kid for weather emergencies, and more. Plus: Why the internet can be a dangerous place for your kid.

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'It's a Miracle': Pet Dog Leads New Hampshire Police to Owner Thrown From Truck in I-89 Crash
Tinsley, a 1-year-old Shiloh Shepherd, led a state trooper and a group of New Hampshire police officers to a severe car wreck involving her owner, helping to save the man's life.
1995 Cold Case Murder of a 14-Year-Old Atlanta Girl Solved After More Than 25 Years
On Tuesday, authorities announced that they had identified a suspect in the 1995 rape and murder of Nacole Smith, who was attacked on her way to school.
'Nobody Knows How Long' People Will Be Stranded on I-95 in Virginia, Says Driver: 'This Is Scary'
Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and NBC News correspondent Josh Lederman were among the drivers who were stranded overnight on Interstate 95 in Virginia after a snowstorm caused extreme delays.
Parents Share Codes Their Kids Text When They Want Help Out of Troubling Situations
After a mom shared on Reddit that her child uses the hot dog emoji to let her know they're in need of help, other parents chimed in with their experiences and applause.

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Kids as Young as 11 Are Becoming Addicted to Online Gambling
What are the odds your tween or teen has been exposed to gambling marketing messages? Research shows it's pretty high—even though the legal age for gambling in the U.S. is 18 or 21.
Pregnant Woman Rushes Into Burning Home to Save Sleeping Neighbor: 'He Barely Made It Out'

"I would hate to see the fire and know I didn't do anything and somebody died," said Sarah Maughan, who is currently four months pregnant.