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FDA Approves a Birth Control App as a Form of Contraception for the First Time
The Food and Drug Administration approved a birth control app as a form of contraception for the first time on Friday.
Cervical Mucus Stages: What It Looks Like When You're Fertile
Sticky? Creamy? Egg white? Here's what your cervical mucus looks like before your period, after ovulation, and every day in between so you can predict the days you're most likely to conceive.
The First Baby Conceived Thanks to the 'FitBit for Fertility' Was Just Born
A woman who conceived after using Ava, the "FitBit for Fertility" has given birth! Here's what she had to say about using the technology.
Wondering if You Can Wait to Have a Baby? Now There's a Simple Test
This simple blood test may hold answers to the biggest question on many women's minds: Is it too late for me to have a baby?