72 percent of American women copped to having unromantic sex to make a baby.
Couple TTC
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Trying to make a baby is serious business. There's the cycle charting, the temperature taking, and—TMI alert—the measuring of the discharge. It's no wonder the actual act of, you know, having sex can sometimes feel more like a tedious chore than an amazing, life-changing experience.

Medical tech company Ava recently conducted a survey of 2,100 women in order find out a little more about their attitudes towards sex and the TTC process. What they found, for starters, was that many women did not have a realistic understanding of how long it takes most couples to conceive. In fact, 83 percent of those surveyed said they had underestimated the amount of time it would take them to get preggers, and another 48 percent said they didn't understand the importance of timing intercourse around fertile days.

Of course, charting your cycle can also make the whole baby-making process start to feel tiresome and monotonous. In fact, 56 percent of American women said timing sex to ovulation takes all the fun out of it, while 72 percent copped to having inconvenient or unromantic sex in order to TTC—a number which rose to 77 percent for women 40 and up. And get this: Just under half of the US women polled (47 percent) admitted they had to convince a partner to have sex at a time when he was "not in the mood" in order to try to get pregnant. Yikes!

"Old-school methods of ovulation detection like BBT thermometers seem to have unfortunately tainted many women's experience with cycle tracking, reinforcing negative stereotypes about obligatory intercourse to conceive," explained Ava co-founder Lea von Bidder.

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So what can you do to bring the sexy back? Popular standbys include things like lighting a bunch of candles and giving each other sensual massages, or taking a bath with a little mood music. Or you can attempt to up the sizzle factor while TTC by watching a provocative flick like Fifty Shades of Grey like this woman did! Judge all you want, guys, but she swears it worked!

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