According to the CDC, 1 in 88 kids in America now have autism. Learn how to recognize the signs of autism, what it means to have a child who is on the spectrum, and more.

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Racial Inequities Leave Black Children Out of Early Autism Interventions
Black children with autism are five times less likely than white kids to receive the early intervention that can make a crucial difference in their long-term development.
Mom Receives Autism Diagnosis Along with Her 3 Children: 'It Was Life-Changing in a Good Way'
Most of her life, Jen Malia felt that she was different from her peers, but never understood why. She started noticing the very same differences in her own children. That's when she searched for answers and finally received a diagnosis for all of them.
How I Battle the Hidden (& Overpriced) Costs of Parenting a Child With Autism
Here are the real costs that parents of children with autism are saddled with—plus tips for how to make the most of your money if you're shopping for sensory needs.
New Study Sparks Backlash in the Autism Community, With Twitter Users Calling It 'Despicable' for Its Treatment of Children
A new study looking at fear and toddlers with autism has been at the center of controversy because people believe researchers have taken it too far. Here's what you need to know.
How Parenting a Child With Autism Can Affect Your Friendships
As a psychiatrist, I treat children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and know how much their parents struggle with adult friendships. Here's why that needs to change.
Parents 'Blindsided' by Teacher Giving Their Son with Autism the 'Most Annoying Male' Award
Bailly Preparatory Academy has taken disciplinary action against the special education teacher involved.

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Parents Try Bleach Therapy to 'Cure' Their Children's Autism & Experts Say it's Extremely Harmful
There is no known cure for autism and experts advise parents to only follow treatment plans backed by science and medical experts.
CBD Oil and Autism: What Parents Need to Know
CBD oil is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for a variety of health conditions – including autism. But is CBD oil a safe autism treatment for kids?
A Hearing Test Could Help Detect Autism at Birth

A new study finds an in-depth hearing test could help doctors and parents know right away if a child is at greater risk for autism.