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With so many different over-the-counter medicines, it's hard to know which one is best and what to take when you're sick. After all, illnesses vary. Learn the safe and correct ways to give your kids medicine, understand when antibiotics make sense, and more.

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Is Pepto-Bismol Safe for Kids?
The pink stuff treats upset stomach and diarrhea, but the original Pepto-Bismol formula isn’t recommended for kids. Here’s what parents need to know.
Tamiflu and Kids: Everything Parents Need to Know
Tamiflu can decrease the severity of flu symptoms and shorten the illness by about 24 hours. Learn about who should take the antiviral medication, the potential side effects, and whether Tamiflu is safe for kids.
Are Abuela's Home Remedies Actually Effective?
Readers submitted their favorite home remedies recommended by abuela herself, then we asked an expert to tell us if her healing claims are for real or folktale.
I Tried THC Tampons for My Endometriosis Pain
Warning: This is a high you may not want to experience.
Hundreds of Supplements Have Been Found to Contain Hidden Drugs, Like Viagra and Steroids
A new study came out saying some supplements might have hidden and unapproved drugs. Find out more about what’s in your supplements.

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Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and strong immune systems, but is your child getting enough? Learn more about the benefits and the best sources of Vitamin D.
I Was an Anti-Medicine Mom, Until My Daughter's Diagnosis
After my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, doctors helped me realize that natural remedies work best alongside, not instead of, modern medicine.
Birth Control Recall: Packaging Error Could Cause Unintended Pregnancy

Mibelas 24 Fe birth control pills are being recalled due to a packaging error that could lead women to take placebo instead of active pills.