Desert Rose CBD Miracle

In the harsh desert landscape a rose in full bloom cascades naturally over a massive boulder entrenched in the sand. Beauty is discovered amidst an unforgiving terrain.

Welcome to Desert Rose CBD Miracle

Just as a rose unfurls velvet soft petals in spite of the relentless heat, Desert Rose CBD Miracle prevails where commercial publishers fear to tread. We present writers and artists whose original work exceeds the low standards of the commercial market. As our literary and creative offerings evolve, our mission will endure. It is our quest to accentuate the beauty of a life well lived.

Laugh often, live well and love much. These simple words exemplify our focus at CBD oil Miracle.

Desert Rose CBD Miracle was created to support and promote unknown talent in literature and other artistic mediums. Spiritual values don’t scare us. In fact, we can’t imagine life without them. We know that you will find a creative respite with the material offered here. Join us, as we celebrate taking the high road in a life well lived.

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The current centerpiece of Desert Rose CBD Miracle is a debut novel entitled ‘Whispers on the Wind’ written by Bridget Geegan Blanton. Read a brief synopsis of this new historical fiction novel on our book review page.

We invite you to experience Bridget’s elegant writing style for yourself. Please visit our sample chapter page.

Read a professional book review and comments from readers. Please visit our book review page.

Visit the ongoing, ever-changing commentary on ‘a life well lived.’ What does it mean to you? Please visit our community page.

Spend a moment at our Collage page and engage in a little art therapy!

Before you leave, stop off at our Bookstore and pick up a copy of ‘Whispers on the Wind’.