Easier said than done you say? Making time for life enhancing activities does take a little planning. The first commitment you make to yourself is to stop saying that you’re just too busy. For too long, I had convinced myself that I had no time for a weekly yoga class.

Although it was something that I really wanted to do and realized deep down that it would improve my quality of life. However, I kept repeating the mantra that deadlines, obligations and pressing busy work around the house left no time for yoga. In a moment of clarity, I convinced a friend to sign-up for classes with me.

The positive influence on my life from a single yoga class is incalculable. I leave the yoga studio feeling balanced. Ah, what a feeling! This sense of well being spills over into my day and my week. I slow down; I actually smell the roses. I remember that life is a gift and that the hours shouldn’t be squandered.

There is a beautiful, natural world out there that we needn’t view only from our car window. Apply the brakes and re-acquaint yourself with the great outdoors. Take time to schedule an activity that you truly desire to bring into your life. If you need to, take a class to learn how to do it better. It’s a gift to yourself and your entire life will be enhanced.