The Global Warming Hoax-a-thon

The Global Warming Hoax-a-thon

Beware the pandering politician. Where there are votes to be won, the truth will be spun. Listening to politicians out on the stump, you’d think we were in midst of the apocalypse. Frankly, I’m weary of candidates avoiding a real discussion on tough issues. Why don’t they just spare us the insult of those televised debates? Where’s the actual debate? It’s predictable and boring as the main stream media poses questions that are simply spring boards for carefully crafted commentary.

Talk about compelling television, how about a real debate on our energy policy without the usual fear mongering? On this issue, more than 19,000 scientists and meteorological experts with valid, data-based, opposing viewpoints have been shunned, threatened into silence and vilified by the powerful, well-funded environmental activist lobby; yet these experts continue to speak out.

To suppress opposing voices on any issue is essentially fascist in nature, yet the restraint of free speech is a key component in the methodology utilized by radical Leftists to swiftly implement controversial public policy. Open debate prevents such tyranny, yet there never was a debate permitted by Al Gore and the climate alarmists on greenhouse gas and its supposed effect on climate change. Instead, a computerized model of potential global warming was accepted as gospel.

Now, with the emergence of new data that casts overwhelming doubt on computerized predictions, spineless politicians with their signatures on regulatory legislation, academics with grants, corporate sponsors and of course activists, are all circling the wagons.

There’s too much to lose, namely their credibility, to report honestly on the data collected by NASA’s Aqua Satellite that directly disputes computerized models of potential global warming. Actual evidence, not sterile data fed into computer models, was collected for years on temperature, cloud formation and water vapor and it has shown that temperatures are not climbing. The climate is actually compensating, not hurtling towards the precipice of disaster as environmental extremists will claim. Bottom line, the complex workings of our climate is far beyond the limited comprehension of climate alarmists and their precious global warming hoax-a-thon software.

This deadly combination of power-obsessed politicians and agenda-driven lobbyists has resulted in destructive legislation and totalitarian public policy that will force us to yield ever-increasing increments of our liberty.

For climate alarmists, the simple question, “what if you’re wrong” is completely off limits. Instead, they plow blindly ahead with economy crippling carbon tax legislation that will cost taxpayers $1.3 trillion. Of course, it’s no surprise that China and India will be totally exempt from carbon emissions regulation and taxation.

The despotic climate thugs also want to control our electricity usage from a central location. When the Totalitarians decide that you’ve used enough electricity at your home, they’ll shut off your power supply.

This raging delirium approach to public policy has already created profoundly negative fall-out; not only economically, but also upon the environment which these activists purport to protect. Wherever debate is forbidden tyranny rules, truth is shortchanged and innovation fades away.

While the rest of Western civilization eclipses the U.S. in the area of nuclear energy, the environmental extremists remain in a state of fluid hysteria over the so called ‘Three Mile Island” incident. All these years later and still they refuse to report the truth that it was a stuck valve that caused a shortage of cooling water at the core. In the end, there was no nuclear meltdown. The USSR-based Chernobyl incident was caused by a disastrous decision to cut costs and forego the installation of a simple concrete containment structure.

France, Russia and Japan have markedly advanced the once ‘American Technology’ of nuclear energy. In fact, France produces 80% of its electricity through nuclear technology and the entire inventory of its ‘nuclear waste’ is stored in a single room. Nuclear technology would reduce carbon emissions, as well as decrease our dependence on foreign oil, yet technologically ignorant, fear-based environmentalists refuse to pull their heads out of the sand and give this energy option even scant consideration.

Instead, their best idea is a ludicrous government mandate that will force Americans to use light bulbs containing mercury that if broken, will turn your living room into a mini bio-hazard.

On the heels of this insanity, is more evidence of Congress’ passive submission to the altar of environmental correctness. The Senate Finance committee has produced an agricultural tax package that provides millions in tax subsidies for ‘ethanol’ production. This ‘biofuel’ failed at reducing carbon emissions; nor does it poignantly reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Instead, ethanol production has resulted in driving up the price of corn, which has had negative, global repercussions.

Not only has ethanol production kicked off a world wide grain shortage, it has had the tragic consequence of dramatically increasing world hunger. This humanitarian crisis has necessitated a substantial increase in tax dollars spent to aid world hunger…this global crisis is brought to you by the rash actions of fear-mongering environmentalists and spineless politicians.

It’s an outright embarrassment that while Japan is the world leader in producing nuclear infrastructure, the crazies in Washington are forcing dangerous light bulbs on us and taxing the very air that we breathe. If it wasn’t so deplorably ignorant it might actually be humorous. Sadly it’s true and unless we exercise our civic responsibility and speak out against this madness, we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves for becoming just another backward, third world nation.